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Is Midifly software or hardware?

MidiFly® is a software. It is optimized for Mac OSX and is connected to an infrared camera that allows the operation of the virtual grid through the simple movement of hands through it.

In what context is MidiFly® used?

The MidiFly® software (in the MIDI Therapy version) has been tested in patients with cognitive problems such as autism and other degenerative diseases but also patients with stress and psychosis. In the music therapy set the MidiFly® is at the center. The patient and the operator can interact by acting on the virtual grid with the movement of the hands. The grid can be used on both sides, the so-called Mirroring. This fact allows users to mirror themselves and start a fruitful sound dialogue.

How many versions of MidiFly® exist?

There are currently two versions of the software.

The MIDI Therapy version is optimized for therapeutic purposes and must necessarily be used by qualified operators, trained by means of the MidiFly® usage protocol in the course led by Dr. Stefano Navone in Italy and by Dr. Mariangela Lippolis in Spain. This version contains a series of therapeutic use sounds, expressly indicated in the usage protocol. It also includes a periodic report by the operator who uses it, in order to study its contents and examine new needs. Periodically a series of upgrades will constantly update it.

There is also another version of the MidiFly® that takes the name of LITE, which can be used by anyone and which has as its sole purpose the use for entertainment. It is used by musicians, DJs, performers and anyone who performs live. It does not need any specific training if not the exercise on the software in order to use it better. This version does not contain resident sounds but only the MIDI protocol that will be used with music and image software suitable for use.

How much does MidiFly® cost?

MidiFly® is not a cost but an investment: it allows the structure or the professional who acquires it to specialize in a new branch of Music Therapy aimed at patients with cognitive and non-cognitive problems. It also allows us to place ourselves at the highest level of use of technology in the music therapy environment.
The price of each of the MidiFly® versions can be found in the Shop section of this website.